Why install a swimming pool in Perth?

Western Australians love to spend time outdoors and what a great way to spend that time than in your own backyard, creating your own paradise that will suit your lifestyle. Many benefits are gained through installing a Bay Pools swimming pool, whether it be a Fibreglass swimming pool, Vinyl Lined swimming Pool, Pre-owned Fibreglass swimming […]

Swimming pools add value to homes in Perth

AUSTRALIA boasts 1.2 million household swimming pools; the world’s highest per capita rate of pool ownership. An overwhelming majority of homeowners believe pools add value to their property, but the jury is out on whether they are right.

Keeping your pool in tip top condition

With a little tender loving care, your pool can sparkle all year round.

Pool maintenance varies greatly through the seasons and is also dependent on climate. But for all pool owners, there are a number of key steps you need to take to ensure you keep your pool in tip top condition