Pre-Owned Fibreglass

Bay Pools and Spas offers a range of pre-owned fibreglass pools. This is the most economical option of owning your very own swimming pool. We are specialists in removing, refurbishing and relocating fibreglass pools.

You will be amazed at how good a second-hand pool can look once it has been fully resurfaced. Refer to pool resurfacing system for more information on the Aquaguard Fibretech Pool Resurfacing System, that we use on all of our pre-owned fibreglass pools.

All the pools are fitted with brand new pipes and fittings, pump, filter, underwater light and salt-water chlorinator. We also include a structural and cosmetic warranty, which we have no hesitation in backing.

You will be amazed at how good a second hand pool can look once it has been fully resurfaced. Our pools are made of the finest quality marine grade gel coat and vinyl ester resins that have been proven worldwide in the pool and leisure boat industries and tested to comply with the Standard Association of Australia. The result is a long lasting barrier coating protecting your pool for excellent chemical resistance and durability, as well as a giving beautiful glistening finish to enhance your backyard oasis.

We use a three Layered system which starts with a base of structured layers of fibreglass, then a coating of Vinyl Ester resin which is impervious to water and also provides guaranteed surface protection.